Long-Term Care at Home

Our trusted team of registered nurses and social workers provide long-term home healthcare management.

Our trusted team of registered nurses and social workers provide long-term home healthcare management on two levels – one for those with functional impairments who require a nursing-home level of care and one for the elderly/seniors who can still live independently with some help.

For those with functional impairments who qualify for nursing-home level support services, we arrange for an assessment to determine their needs and coordinate services to meet those needs, whether they be physical, social, environmental or emotional. These services might include: home-delivered meals; homemaker tasks such as cleaning, cooking and laundry; personal care such as assistance in bathing, grooming and dressing; an emergency response device, and adult day care and respite care to provide a break for caregivers. We can also arrange for placement in a personal care home for patients who need 24-hour care.

Are You or a Loved One Looking for Long-Term Care at Home?

Long-Term Care at Home is Paid For In One of Three Ways


1. Medicaid may fund eligible low-income participants through one of the following two programs, both of which are administered by the Atlanta Regional Commission:

  • SOURCE Partners Atlanta. To qualify for this program, you must be on SSI Medicaid. To inquire about eligibility or screening with SOURCE Partners Atlanta, call the Atlanta Regional Commission at (404) 463-3248.
  • Community Care Services Program (CCSP). To qualify for this program, you must meet an income threshold which can be discussed in detail by the intake screeners. To inquire about eligibility or screening with CCSP, call the Atlanta Regional Commission’s information and assistance desk at (404) 463-3333.


2. Fulton or DeKalb counties may fund seniors aged 60 and over. To inquire about receiving services, Fulton residents should contact the Fulton Office of Aging at (404) 613-6000. DeKalb residents should contact the DeKalb Office of Senior Affairs at (770) 322-2950.

3. Patients or their families pay a fee for the assessment and services required. To inquire about specifics, call Visiting Nurse at (404) 222-2414.

Healthy Transitions

Our Healthy Transitions program is offered to residents of 16 metro-Atlanta senior living communities, nine of which are HUD facilities for low-income seniors. Care Coordination Coaches assess, develop, and coordinate health and personal care plans for residents at high risk for hospitalization or nursing home placement, and conduct wellness seminars on topics relevant to the senior population. Healthy Transitions helps frail elders age in place, surrounding them with a network of services and thereby improving the quality of life for them and their caregivers.

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Respite Program

We help ease the stress of caring for someone with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other forms of dementia by providing respite care in the home. Our caring and compassionate certified nursing assistants (CNAs) will stay with your loved one, allowing you to run errands, pick up groceries or simply take a break from your caregiving responsibilities.

During respite visits, our CNAs can provide home assessments, personal care services and other forms of disease management. For more information about our Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Respite program, call Sarah Wood at (404) 215-6950.

A Tribute to Long-Time Supporter Eleanor Cheney
Mrs. Cheney Helped Many Visiting Nurse Alzheimer’s Families Cope and Heal